LXR Clinic

Transformative Medical Aesthetics

Pucklechurch, Bristol

Welcome to LXR Clinic, where we offer the elixir of life through our transformative medical aesthetics services. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty, revive youthful looks, and reignite your confidence.

Step into our sanctuary of rejuvenation and let us help you rediscover your radiance.

Medical Aesthetics Services

Performed by Dan Howick

Dan Howick is a dedicated medical aesthetics practitioner, whose expertise is grounded in training from Harley Street, London – synonymous with the highest standards in medical aesthetics.


Botulinum Toxin (Botox)
Dermal Fillers
Hyaluronic Acid Treatments (Seventy Hyal and PROFHILO)
Fat Dissolve (Lemon Bottle)

Conditions include

Forehead and eye wrinkles
Chin wrinkles
Bunny lines (nose wrinkles)
Brow assymetry
Thin or aging lips
Hollow cheeks or temples
Weak chin or jaw
Gummy smile
Teeth grinding
Sagging skin
Unwanted body fat
Excessive sweating